3 Audiences You Should Be Targeting Using Facebook Ads

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Whether or not your Facebook ad succeeds has a lot to do with who is receiving the ad. Most people opt for the "interest" or "behavior" targeting because it's the obvious choice to start with, but neglect to take advantage of Facebook's custom audience options.

I argue your ad strategy should include targeting people at different stages throughout the customer journey, meaning you should continue to experiment with reaching people who don't know who you are (in the awareness phase), based on what pages they like, buying patterns, demographics, etc. but spend the majority of your budget and focus on proactively reaching out to people who have already expressed interest in your business--- your community and fans who already trust you and are more prepared to buy.

While your objective will always help determine targeting method, the following is a simplified list of three of my favorite audiences to target.


#1: Website Traffic Audience

If you haven't installed the Facebook pixel.... please do it now! You are missing out on a huge opportunity to serve ads to people who have visited your various website pages. Here's some simple instructions on how to add the pixel yourself.... it's super easy and you don't need any coding/web design skills.

Once added you can create a custom audience that will allow you to create specific ads for people who have visited your website in the past, who have abandoned your site during the checkout process or attempted to subscribe, but changed their mind. You can get super specific and creative with how and who you choose to reach.

Now you might be thinking, "what if I don't have a lot of website traffic?." 

I am going to argue it's about quality over quantity. Even if you only have a couple hundred people to target (or less), if you could guarantee your ad was being seen by real people who are genuinely interested in your business and more likely to take action, isn't that worth more than a thousand people who may or may not bounce off your landing page before seeing what you're offering?

Am I right???

Example: I can promote a piece of content, opt-in or product based on a related blog visited. If someone reads a blog post of mine that is a guide to using Facebook ads, I’d be wise to run ads to these visitors for a Facebook Ads that Convert ebook or training course.

#2: Video Engagement Audience

Love, love, this! If you are actively sharing videos on Facebook, now you have the opportunity to reach people who enjoy your videos in a new way. Here's how it works...

Create a custom audience targeting people who have watched 50% or more of your video (that way you select the people who are really into your content). Then run an ad where you send them to a blog post, free download or other piece of content relating to the video they have already expressed an interest in. This is great because it allows you to get back in front of people who know you, trust you and are definitely interested in your business.

Example: I can create an ad targeting people who watch 50% or more on my video titled "tips to grow your email list." Then I can serve them an ad offering a free checklist or ebook, "how to generate 1,000 contacts in 30 days" with a call to action to download the resource.

#3: Page Engagement Audience

The newest addition to custom audiences (watch tutorial below). This one is a personal favorite of mine if you don't have an email list or website. But seriously, if you don't have a mobile friendly website, please contact me so I can hook you up... this is 2017 and you need one!

But I digress.

What's great about this new targeting option is it gives you the ability to reach the following people...

- People who visited your page

- People who have clicked any call-to-action button

- People who have messaged you

- People who have engaged with your posts or ads

- People who saved your page or posts

With this option we can target our most active Facebook followers with highly relevant ads to keep them engaged with us and coming back for more.

Example: I can create a custom audience targeting people who have interacted with my Facebook posts over the last 90 days. I can create an ad inviting them to join a free 5-day challenge on how to generate 5 solid leads in 5 days using Facebook marketing.

Smart marketers know it's not just about casting a wider net, but going deeper and creating more meaningful connections. With these Facebook targeting options we are able to show up in front of smaller, more relevant groups and offer personalized content that will capture their attention and get them to take action.... which is what advertising is all about!

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