Are you running your business,

or is your business running you?


Sound like someone you know...


+ Every day feels like you're starting from scratch. You've got no game plan, no clear priorities, and no routine.

+ You spend your time reacting to what happens around you, and never make real, measurable progress on your big goals.

+ You want to start generating leads from social media, but don't know where to start.

+ You have no idea what you need and what's a waste of time when it comes to technology. 

+ Your website embarrasses you and you don't know how to make the changes to it you need. 

+ You really need a pro to help you make smart, strategic decisions when it comes to how to spend your time and money on marketing . 


I'm so glad you're here!

I was put on this earth to help entrepreneurs, like yourself, create a system for generating a steady stream of leads and sales. I have spent over a decade learning how to build websites that sell, creating content that converts, building massive email lists, and leveraging social media to grow large, engaged communities... and I want to share all this with you! 

What sets me apart from the endless sea of online marketers is that I take a more holistic approach. I start by helping you get crystal clear on your vision and then work with you to build a integrated, high-touch marketing strategy around your unique goals.

My systems create clarity, simplify technology, eliminate distractions and introduce the right systems and online marketing tools needed to get you where you want to go.

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So what exactly do you do???

We believe in full transparency with our services and pricing. If you're poking around and wondering what me and my team do for a living (aka how we make money), we created a digital brochure that answers these type of question in detail. Click Here to Download it.

However!!!! If you're looking for marketing support or consulting (we customize these plans) please reach out to us at info@copykatconsulting.com,  we'd love to jump on a call and discuss how we can help or connect you with one of our preferred partners.