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Marketing Tools

No matter where you are in your biz, there are amazing tools that can save you dozens of hours per week, automate key marketing activities, and save you thousands of dollars. These are products I use everyday and LOVE! My goal with creating this list is to help you launch your online presence without being overwhelmed by all the options out there, so you can save yourself the countless hours I spent online researching them! 

Note: I believe in complete transparency when it comes to affiliate links. I am an affiliate with Lead Pages, because I really do believe in their product and use it on my own site as well! If you have Leadpages questions ~ feel free to reach out!

Squarespace: Website Solution For Beginners

A great option for service providers and real estate agents who want a beautiful all-inclusive website. The best part about Squarespace is it's drag and drop builder that allows you to easily build and update your site without needing a designers help. SEO, SSL Certificate, domain names are included and Mailchimp, Lead Pages and Gmail all easily integrate with this solution. Want to customize your Squarespace site? Contact our team, we offer this service!


WordPress: Web Design for Advanced Marketers

The real power of WordPress is in its extensibility. There are thousands of free and paid plugins which you can use on your site to add new features. Ranging from simple social sharing to robust membership site plugins, you can create almost any kind of website you can imagine. Keep in mind there is a much steeper learning curve (compared to Squarespace) and you will need a maintenance plan to keep your site up to date. Ready to jump on the WordPress train? Contact our team, we build custom WordPress sites!

LeadPages: Landing Pages, Pop-Ups & Lead Forms

LeadPages is the perfect resource to help you scale your business, because it allows you to confidently roll out lead-generating campaigns in record time. Whether you want to promote a free resource, webinar, or really any piece of content on your website or you need a high-converting landing page, this is an amazing tool! It will help you grow your email list quickly and efficiently, saving you a ton of time and money.

Buffer: Social Media Scheduling

Need to save time on posting to social media? There are a ton of tools out there, but I really love the simplicity of Buffer. Easily load your content for the month and select the date, time and social channels you want to post on and you're good to go! Keep in mind if you're posting to Instagram, you'll have to go in and manually post (Instagram doesn't offer auto-posting).  Buffer will remind you when you have an Instagram post that's ready.

LastPass: Protect & Store Your Passwords

Be honest.... how much time have you spent trying to recover passwords and usernames you've forgotten? If you're tired of trying to memorize passwords and want a secure and central location to manage all of your login credentials, give LastPass a try. It has saved me so much time and frustration!

Canva: Social Media Design & Graphics

Canva is the ultimate design tool for non-designers. It’s user-friendly and the free version gives you access to most features. Use Canva to create shareable social media images, free resources, templates, checklists, cover photos, even video thumbnails. In no time, you'll be on your way to building a memorable online brand.

MailChimp: Beginner Email Marketing

Ready to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your clients? Email marketing is where it's at! If you're just getting started and need a place to store all your contacts, send email blasts and create automated email campaigns, MailChimp is a great option for beginners. It offers all this, plus you can easily run Facebook ads to your email lists and get pretty good analytics for free. Their templates make it easy to create branded emails (for non-designers).

Asana: Project Management

Now that you’re starting to manage a lot of moving parts, you’ve got to stay organized. Asana helps me and my clients keep track of our work so nothing falls through the cracks. I use this tool to communicate, share links, stay on top of deadlines and keep everybody in the loop.

YouTube: Video Hosting

If you want to get into video marketing (which you should) I highly recommend using YouTube to host your videos for a few reasons. First it's a search engine + social network so you will gain more visibility and organic reach on your videos. It also integrates with most software, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. Also, if you end up becoming a YouTube star you can monetize your videos for additional revenue. 

Final Cut Pr0 X: Video Editing

Ready to start creating engaging videos??? I like how intuitive Final Cut Pro is. I have zero editing experience and I've been able to use Final Cut Pro to improve the quality, sound and visual elements in my videos. I also love how easy (and quick) it is to publish videos directly to YouTube.